Campaign Chair

Stephen P. Holmes '79, P'06, '08

Honorary Co-Chairs

Elaine Langone P'83
Kenneth "Ken" Langone '57, P'83
Natalie Rooke GP'06, '07, '13
Robert "Bob" Rooke GP'06, '07, '13
President Emeritus Gary Sojka
Sandra "Sandy" Sojka

National Co-Chairs

John "Jeb" Bachman '78, P'12
Sara "Sally" (Stoner) Bachman '78, P'12
Jane (Taylor) Elfers '83, P'19
Peter Elfers '83, P'19
Kenneth "Ken" Freeman '72
Eugene "Gene" Gorab '85, P'12, '16
William "Bill" Morrow '70
Christopher "Chris" O'Brien '80, P'18

Regional Cabinets

Baltimore/Washington Metro

Lisa Poulin '78, Co-Leader
John Saxton '71, P'99, Co-Leader
Douglas "Doug" Bonner '80, Bertrand Co-Chair
David Dembert '77, P'12, Bertrand Co-Chair
Jennie Bishof P'15, '19
Mark Bishof P'15, '19
David Dunn '91
Gerald "Jerry" Farano '88
Ellen (Mitchell) Hughes '76, P'07, '11
James "Jim" Hughes '74, P'07, '11
Anne (Wasenius) MacLure '80, P'17
Laurens "Mac" MacLure Jr. '78, P'17
Wendy Pangburn '78
Todd Singleton '88
Ann (Sissala) Slowinski '89, P'17
Richard Slowinski '87, P'17
Gordon Stetz '83, P'13
Joan (Mittleman) Stetz '80, P'13

Chicago Metro

Robin (Gale) Zafirovski '79, P'09, Co-Leader
Mike Zafirovski P'09, Co-Leader
Gail (Behrens) Dickson '89, Bertrand Co-Chair
Jeffrey "Jeff" Dickson '90, Bertrand Co-Chair
Elizabeth "Liz" (Cosgrove) Chandler '82, P'12
Richard "Ernie" Ernest '70, P'99
Helen Reetz '78
Catherine "Cate" Waddell P'07
Charles "Charlie" Waddell '07
Frederick "Rick" Waddell P'07

Connecticut/New York Metro

Steven "Steve" Kohn '81, Co-Leader
Christopher "Chris" O'Brien '80, P'18, Co-Leader
Edward "Ed" Samek '58, P'86, '88, '91, Bertrand Co-Chair
Marthann "Martie" (Lauver) Samek '60, P'86, '88, '91, Bertrand Co-Chair
Leland Abrams '05
Shari Aser '98
Jo-Anne (Williams) Bilotti '86
Michael "Mike" Cattano '89, P'18
Geralyn Della Cava P'14
Ralph Della Cava P'14
Brenda Earl '81
Eileen Finn P'12
Douglas "Doug" Hitchner '83
Jane Ingram P'13
Jeffrey "Jeff" Ingram P'13
Douglas "Doug" Jordan
Lisa (Mihok) Jordan '82
Taylor Lukof '03
Andrew "Andy" Merin '70
Kevin Mullins '87
Stacey (Gardner) Mullins '88
George Needham '65
John Schrenker '87, P'18
Emmett Seaborn '82, P'12, '18
Richard "Rich" Suth '92
George Tsougarakis '83

Delaware Valley

Donald "Don" Isken '75, P'12, Co-Leader
Patricia "Patti" Isken P'12, Co-Leader
Lauren Manning P'10, '13, '15, '18, Co-Leader
Robert "Bob" Manning P'10, '13, '15, '18, Co-Leader
Marjorie "Margie" (McLean) Smink '62, Bertrand Co-Chair
Robert "Bob" Smink '62, Bertrand Co-Chair
Mitchell "Mitch" Blumenfeld '91
James "Jim" Carll '71, P'08
Margaret "Peggy" (Mathieson) Conver '77
David Granson '93
Constance "Connie" (Gent) Layman '66, P'98
Richard "Dick" Layman '65, P'98
Carol (Wanamaker) Lenker '57, P'81, '84, '88, GP'12, '16
Jacqueline "Jackie" (Byrne) Rooke '06
Thomas "Tom" Rooke '06
Laura Williamson '89
John Zaharchuk '81
Susan "Sue" (Haines) Zaharchuk '81

Greater Pennsylvania – East

Clifford "Mickey" Melberger '61, M'62, GP'14, Co-Leader
Ruth Melberger GP'14, Co-Leader
George Burman '73
Ellen Bush '79
Douglas "Doug" Candland
Diann (Patterson) DeCamp '62, P'87, '89, '93, GP '17, '19
Robert DeCamp '62, P'87, '89, '93, GP '17, '19
Robert Femovich '72

Greater Pennsylvania – West

Benard "Ben" Sampson '69, P'96, Leader
C. Alan "Alan" Walker '66, P'97, '00, Bertrand Chair
W. Keith "Keith" Fenton '91
Brian Fetterolf '93
Jennifer Fetterolf
Roy Gavert '55
Peter Mathieson '83, P'16
Molly Sampson '96
Daniel "Dan" Wilson '80, P'15
Elizabeth "Liz" (Arther) Wilson '80, P'15


William "Bill" Morrow '70, Leader
Raymond "Ray" Sisson '87

New England

Stephen "Steve" Oristaglio '77, Leader
Carol (Christie) Rosner '81, P'16, Bertrand Co-Chair
Steven "Steve" Rosner P'16, Bertrand Co-Chair
William "Chip" Douglas '81
Anne "Annie" (Seibold) Drapeau '88
Douglas "Doug" Grip P'16
Karen (Erdlen) Grip '91, P'16

Northern New Jersey

Neale Trangucci '79, P'09, '13, Leader
David "Dave" McAlister '77, P'10, '14, '18, Bertrand Chair
Thomas "Tom" Cook '78
Lisa (Ogren) Gadsden '80, P'11, '15
John Morris '78, P'14
Robert "Bob" Scott '85, P'17
Julie (Ross) Silbermann '78, P'08, '12
M. Steven "Max" Silbermann '78, M'83, P'08, '12


Kathryn "Kathy" (Boselli) Vizas '79, Co-Leader
Karen (Horn) Welch '97, Co-Leader
Thomas "Tom" Welch '97, Co-Leader
Elaine (Christo) Watkins '80, Bertrand Chair
Amy (Mears) Burnett '96
Brett Earnest '03
Brian Hoyt '87
Carolyn (Merl) Hoyt '87
Paul Wythes '90

Southern California

Peter O'Keeffe '72, Leader
Barbara "Barb" (Dowell) Lancaster '80, Bertrand Chair
Frank Arentowicz '69
Mark Hulme '83, P'19
Laura Kinney '81
Kristina "Kris" (Murphy) Leslie '86, P'17
Reid Leslie '86, P'17
Andrew "Andy" Price P'16, '18
Helene "Laney" Price P'16, '18
William "Bill" Thomson '57, GP'15


Douglas "Doug" Walker '66, Bertrand Co-Chair
Inta (Esmanis) Walker '66, Bertrand Co-Chair
Barrett Sides '87

Recent Giving News

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A historic future commitment to financial aid from Ken and Elaine Langone brings the campaign to a triumphant close.

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Moonves, a member of the Class of 1971, will support the Humanities Center and need-based financial aid in related disciplines.

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A Family’s History Inspires Support for the Humanities

Hildreth-Mirza Hall and a new Islamic studies professorship will honor the experience of a Bucknell president's daughter and granddaughter.

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Bucknell's next academic building will greatly expand engineering classrooms and laboratories, while also providing a new home for the education department. 

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