Erica Gene Delsandro graduated with her Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis in 2011. Her research focuses on the British novel of the 1930s: her project reevaluates the common scholarly discourse characterizing the decade's literature as well as the dominant modernist narratives that reinforce the 1930s position as a micro-period. By highlighting the role of autobiographically-inflected fiction in the wake of the Great War, Dr. Delsandro's project constellates authors typically cast as antagonists: aging modernists, veteran authors, and those thirtysomething men of the Younger Generation, too young to fight in WWI but shaped and scarred by it nonetheless. Providing a fresh look at 1930s literature, Dr. Delsandro's research also encourages readers of literature and history to rethink the importance of autobiography, political purpose, gender politics, and historiographic engagement in the history of the novel, broadly, and in modernist studies particularly.

Dr. Delsandro has published articles on Virginia Woolf and has organized and presented on several panels examining the literature of the 1930s in relationship to modernism and history. She is currently preparing articles on Evelyn Waugh and the philosopher of history, R. G. Collingwood. Also, she is working on a book tentatively titled, The Politics of History and the Novel in 1930s Britain.

Dr. Delsandro teaches courses in literature and Women's and Gender Studies such as: Modernism, The Literature of Downton Abbey, Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, History of Sexuality, Modernism on the Margins, Queer Studies, Women Writers. Moreover, Dr. Delsandro teaches writing intensive courses that use social constructionist frameworks to examine the way cultural texts — from fairy tales and novels to advertisements and music videos — shape and reflect gendered and sexed identities


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