Kelsey Malone and Jessica Yingst in front of their poster  Presented at the 10th Annual Kalman Research Symposium, Bucknell University, March 29, 2011Title

"Gender Differences in Emotional Responses to Hooking Up"


Kelsey Q. Malone '11, Lauren C. Fry '11, Shibani W. Walia '11, Jessica M. Yingst '12, and Beau Traber '13

Faculty Mentor

William F. Flack


Our present research looks to explore the relationship between the emotional responses of college students to different hooking up behaviors. Seven hundred and nine undergraduates participated in a web-based survey that included a demographic questionnaire, SDS, and a measure of hooking up This measure examined the frequency with which they participated in eight different types of hooking up varying by degrees of familiarity to their hook up partner and whether the hook up was coital or non-coital, as well as their emotional responses to the behavior and their perception of the emotional responses of their partner. Results showed that Women experienced more negative emotional responses for hook ups that were coital with strangers while men experienced. Men experienced more positive emotional responses for hook ups that were coital with strangers, coital with acquaintances, and coital with partners they have been in a previous romantic relationship with. Men also experienced more positive emotional responses for hook ups that were non-coital with strangers and non-coital with acquaintances. Significant differences between the women's and men's ideas about their partners' emotional reactions to hook up behaviors were also found. The data collected provide opportunities for future analyses to be conducted and this research will add to the relatively small body of literature on hooking up.


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