Sustainability projects are initiatives that reduce waste, consumption and/or expenses. Some projects might be educational in nature — teaching Bucknellians about ways to reduce energy use on campus, for example. Other projects might implement new, energy-saving systems or technologies.

Check out some of the recent Green Fund projects students have been doing to make our campus energy efficient.

Recent Projects

St. George

St. George Street Shower Head Upgrade

Lauren O’Connor ’19

The shower heads in the small houses along St. George Street are inefficient and outdated. An upgrade to these fixtures would save nearly 90,000 gallons of water a year and save the school $1,785.00 annually. (Summer 2017)

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Gerhard Fieldhouse

Gerhard Fieldhouse Water Fixture Upgrade

 Lauren O’Connor '19

The current water fixtures in the Gerhard Fieldhouse second floor men and women’s restroom, along with the men and women’s staff locker rooms are very inefficient. By replacing these fixtures, 670,932 gallons of water could be saved annually. (Summer 2017)

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Larison Hall

Larison Water Fixture Upgrade

Lauren O’Connor '19

The water fixtures that are currently in the dorm bathrooms of Larison are outdated and inefficient. Replacing these will save 521,979 gallons of water a year and result in $8,352 in financial savings a year. (Summer 2017)

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Trax Hall

Retrofit Shower Head Fixtures in Trax

Maeve Greeley '18

32 shower heads in Trax were recently replaced this summer to help minimize the flow of water to 1.5 Gallons/Minute. Let us know if you can notice a change and let's try to implement these new fixtures across campus. (Summer 2016)

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Weis Center

Low-Flush Toilets in Dana

Taylor Sheldon '17

This project ensures that students, staff, and faculty all contribute to conserving water in buildings on campus. With 16 new toilet systems throughout the engineering building, users will actively change the culture on campus. (Summer 2016)

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Dana Engineering Building

Dana Vacuum Pump

Claire Rodgers '16

This water conservation project replaced an old liquid ring vacuum pump with improved rotary claw technology. Bucknell Labs in Dana are now wasting no potable water. (Summer 2016)

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400 St. George St.

400 St. George Water Fixtures

Mary Brigid Coughlan '18

This project replaced 27 high flow fixtures including sinks, toilets, and showers with improved low-flow fixtures. Go check out the new products in this affinity house and help Bucknell lower its water consumption! (Summer 2016)

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Dana Engineering Building

Waterless Urinals

Jacob Hannah '17

Retrofitted waterless urinals are now installed in the men's restroom of Dana Engineering Building. Lower your footprint this year and conserve life's most precious commodity by using these new urinals. (Summer 2016)

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