Admission into the Institute is by online application only. Approximately equal numbers of management, engineering, and liberal arts students are selected for each ILTM class, limited to 24 students annually.

When to Apply

Applications for summer 2018 will be accepted from early November to early January.

Application Materials

As part of the online application process, you will need to provide the names of two faculty members at Bucknell that can speak on your behalf. These faculty do not need to write a recommendation for you; rather they should be able to comment on your work quality and work ethic should this input be necessary.

Additionally, you will need to prepare three short essays to these essay questions.

  1. Why should you be selected for the ITLM program? What do you feel you will gain from ILTM? What will make you a valuable member of the team? (500 words)
  2. Consider the following scenario: You are currently a mid-level division head of an outdated fossil fuel energy company located in the northeastern US that is struggling to stay relevant. You have been approached by a team of scientists who recently discovered a new natural resource that surpasses the efficiency of all known fuels to date. They have called the new material CaraFuel, and insist there is enough energy in the CaraFuel they have discovered to power all of Northeastern US for at least 30 years. This could really transform your career, but your initial research and pilot efforts raised many questions. Explain how, as a mid-level, early career manager, you would navigate this situation, balancing the needs of all the stakeholders. Would you make the pitch to your boss? If so, how would you do it? What would you propose and what immediate next steps would you take? (500 words)

    You currently know the following:
    • The only location of the material is known to be about 1000 ft underground, along the banks of the Amazon, in remote land of Columbia, in the midst of the Carabayo tribe. (See ). Extraction will require a great deal of  local disruption. The scientists have stated that there are no other known areas where CaraFuel exists.
    • Your technology team came up with a prototype system that can extract the resource at a cost that is half the price of  current natural fuels. The scientists stated that, due to the high efficiency of extracting the energy from the new material, the environmental impact is much lower than for current natural fuels.
    • You know that shareholders would be immensely excited. Rumors have already spiked your current share price 50% in the past week alone. If you do not act on this opportunity in the next month, the scientists will approach another company and you will lose your opportunity for fame and fortune.
    • You know environmental groups and human rights activists are opposed, while domestic energy security groups, stockholders and customers react favorably to the possibilities.
  3. Finally, consider this scenario. It is now the year 2035. You are working in an advanced technology organization employing scientific advances not envisioned in the year 2017. What is the business of your firm? What is your background and title? What are some of the social, ethical and technological problems facing you and your plan to solve them? (~500 words)


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