The ACTR Post-Secondary Russian Laureate Award

  • not awarded

The Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity Prize

  • Diana Strano Arndt
  • Ryan Davis Yappert

The American Chemical Society Susquehanna Valley Section Award

  • Tyler James Fulton

The Herbert Goodman Barrows Prize

  • Jonathan Michael Douglas Hunsberger

The William P. Boger Jr., M.D. Award

  • Adebayo Ayotunde Bello
  • Mallory Anne Murphy

The Bucknell Prize for Women

  • Nora Catherine Adams
  • Heather Carmel Hennigan
  • Alexandra Leigh Rosen

The University Prize for Men

  • Eric Ryan Wengert
  • James Alexander Hallam
  • Jesse Klug
  • Ahmed Dia Eldin Elnaiem

The Bucknell Prize in Animal Behavior

  • Alison Rose Billas

The Bucknell Prize in Anthropology

  • Danielle Lacey Derchin

The Bucknell Prize in Biomedical Engineering

  • Jennifer Anne Rich
  • Christina Marie Tiongson

The Bucknell Prize in Cell Biology/Biochemistry

  • Elise Suzanne Fraser
  • Phebe Lore Alley

The Bucknell Prize in Comparative Humanities

  • Adem Ahmed
  • Isabelle Anna Riccardi

The Bucknell Prize in Computer Engineering

  • Laura Kathleen Poss

The Bucknell Prize in Computer Science

  • Eileen Ruth Cook

The Bucknell Prize in Computer Science & Engineering

  • Greg LynDell Schrock

The Bucknell Prize in East Asian Studies

  • Elizabeth Kathleen Lilienthal

The Bucknell Prize in Environmental Studies

  • Rebecca Grace Johnson

The Bucknell Prize in Film/Media Studies

  • Mia Justine Del Duca

The Bucknell Prize in International Relations

  • Fallon Elizabeth Burke
  • Stephanie Ann Houser

The Bucknell Prize in Italian Studies

  • Darren Richard Kusar

The Bucknell Prize in Geography

  • Melissa Susan Eng
  • Pauline Marie Schaper Englot

The Bucknell Prize in Music

  • Darren Richard Kusar

The Bucknell Prize in Neuroscience

  • Katelyn Alyssa Young
  • Eric Ryan Wengert

The Bucknell Prize in Psychology

  • Cynthia Moreno

The Bucknell Prize in Religious Studies

  • Tyler N. Julius

The Bucknell Prize in Sociology

  • Cara Melissa Henning

The Bucknell Prize in Women's & Gender Studies

  • Meghan Elizabeth Balot
  • Cynthia Moreno
  • Heather Carmel Hennigan

The Bucknell University Prize in Art History

  • Francesca Ann Richman

The Bucknell Women's & Gender Studies Feminist Impact Award

  • Lindsey C. Ruff
  • Taylan Theadora Sykes Stulting

The CBS/Sony Prize in Japanese Studies

  • Leigh Holland Idleman
  • Aleksandra Mikhailovna Bausheva

The Ernest and Josephine Christensen Award

  • Keith Anthony Mattern

The Class of 1905 Art Prize

  • Frederick William Schroeder IV

The David R. Crossgrove Prize

  • Jessica Caryn Menachemson

The John R. Crossgrove Prize

  • Matthew A. DelMauro

The Walter M. and Florence K. Davis Prize

  • Peter John Murray

The Eleanor D. Decker Prize for Women

  • Mona Abdulghani Naji Mohammed

The Oliver J. Decker Prize

  • Christina Marie Tiongson
  • Nora Catherine Adams
  • Heather Carmel Hennigan

The Beta Gamma Sigma Prize

  • Madeline Hannah Bertschmann
  • Michael Louis Schwartz

The William C. Gretzinger Prize

  • Rebecca Grace Johnson

The Barbara Watson Grever Prize

  • Allison Sara Aaron

The Allan Gates Halline Prize in American Literature

  • Katherine Elizabeth Jansen

The H. Boardman Hopper Prize

  • Bibi Fatima Arabzada

The Professor George Allison Irland Prize

  • Brian James Kowalski

The Alvin F. Jackson Jr. '59 Memorial Scholar-Athlete Award

  • Matthew A. DelMauro
  • Abigail Lynn Watson

The Jai B. Kim Prize in Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Abigail Lynn Watson

The Michael D. LaGrega Award for Excellence in Environmental Engineering

  • Stephanie Ann Houser

The Maria Leonard Senior Book Award

  • Nora Catherine Adams
  • Heather Carmel Hennigan

The Jeannine C. Liutkus Prize

  • Brandon Paul Dellafave
  • Eleanor Angela McCabe

The Charles Longley Prize in Political Science

  • Gavriele Elizabeth Berger
  • Caitlin Fallon Maloney

The John T. Lowry, Jr. Prize

  • Emily Elizabeth Bollinger

The W. Norwood Lowry Prize

  • Zachary Michael Schillaci

The José Martí Award

  • Jillian Nicole Korn

The Dorothy Walls McCormick Prize

  • not awarded

The Hugh F. McKeegan Prize

  • Emily Anne Evancho

The Meerwarth Prize for Anthropology in Action

  • Vikram Vishnu Shenoy

The Meerwarth Prize for Sociology in Action

  • Jesse Ryan Scheimreif
  • Kortney Iman Marshall

The Harold W. Miller Prize

  • Alison Rose Billas
  • Vikram Vishnu Shenoy

The Vivian Miller Prize in British and Irish Literature

  • Samantha Vaughn Gates

The J. William Moore Prize

  • Mariah Noelle Midyette

The William H. and Carl W. Neff Prize

  • Philip James Scholnick

The Richard P. Nickelsen Prize

  • Eric Michael Monfort
  • Sara Vivienne Stotter

The Elizabeth M. Oliphant Prize

  • Katharine Sumner Frost

The J. Orin Oliphant Graduation Prize

  • Nora Catherine Adams
  • Heather Carmel Hennigan

The Pennsylvania Institute of CPA Award

  • Clayton Maxwell Hoffmaster

The Phi Beta Kappa Award

  • Audrey McAndrew Love

The Phi Sigma Biological Society Award

  • Elizabeth Jeannine Rogers
  • Sophia Marie Reeder

The Pi Mu Epsilon Society Prize

  • Noelle Marie Watters

The President's Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement (Includes July and Jan. graduates)

  • Nora Catherine Adams
  • Heather Carmel Hennigan

The Matthew B. Ridgway Jr. Award

  • Jillian Nicole Korn

The Robin Roberts Senior Award in Public Policy

  • Jennifer Anna Ohn
  • Meghan Lines Byrd

The Louis W. Robey Prize

  • Connor James McLaughlin
  • Julianne Elizabeth Pearson

The Walter H. Sauvain Prize

  • Manisha Kaur Chase

The Thelma Johnson Showalter Prize

  • Alexandra Leigh Rosen

The Robert E. Slonaker, Jr. Memorial Award

  • Keith Anthony Mattern

The C. Willard Smith Award

  • Emily Elizabeth Mack

The Julia Fonville Smithson Memorial Prize (Poetry)

  • Meghan Elizabeth Carroll

The Julia Fonville Smithson Memorial Prize (Fiction)

  • Anushka J. Mehrotra

The Helen E. Sprague Prize

  • Catherine A. Peebles

The Susan Hensinger Thomas Prize

  • Meghan Elizabeth Balot

The Herbert Tustin Prize

  • Melissa Joy Hopkins

The Anna Slifer Walls Prize

  • not awarded

The Dr. E. Slifer Walls Prize

  • Katelyn Alyssa Young

The Agnes Archer Warren Award

  • Kristin Elizabeth Lewis

The W. Preston Warren Prize

  • Melissa Susan Eng
  • Melissa Joy Hopkins

The Samuel Lewis Ziegler Prize

  • Elizabeth Ann Baldwin
  • Allison Clare Friedlander
  • Ahmed Dia Eldin Elnaiem

The James M. Pommersheim Research and Innovation in Engineering Award (new in 2016 — This award is given to the engineering student who has achieved, through creative effort, outstanding work of scholarship and invention, as determined by the University.)

  • Sarah Catherine Denning

See descriptions of these awards in the online course catalog.


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