Our University brings Bucknell to the world and the world to Bucknell, including speakers from all disciplines who help make this connection.

Departments across the University's curriculum regularly host outstanding speakers, including various colloquia in the humanities, society and technology, and social science, as well as other disciplines, that bring nationally and internationally renowned guests to campus to talk with students and the campus community about issues affecting our world.

Bucknell Forum

This national speakers series began in fall 2007 to focus on major issues facing America and the world. Guests have already included beloved newsman Tim Russert, renowned investor Jim Cramer, distinguished presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, Nobel Laureate F. W. de Klerk, environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and award-winning author Niall Ferguson.

Through the voices of renowned agents of change, the current Bucknell Forum series, Revolution Redefined, will explore social change and how it has - or has not - evolved over time, as well as how individuals can grow to become global citizens who make meaningful, lasting impacts on society in a variety of ways.

Post-Obama Paradigms: Problems and Potentialities

The aim of the Griot Institute for Africana Studies spring 2015 series is to extend the conversation and narrative about the myriad significances, meanings, and cultural transformations(?) available to America now that it has elected its first African American President. Particularly, we are interested in deliberating the symbolic, ideological, iconographic impacts on Americans' conceptions of themselves as a people. For instance, in what ways has the United States been changed as a result of electing Obama: in terms of race relations, political progress, a newly emboldened conservatism, and other aspects of life in America in the twenty-first century.


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