Download a copy of a Blank Event Form (xls).  f the link opens the Excel sheet in a new window, fill it in and select "Save As" from the File menu. Otherwise, a dialog will prompt you to save the document to your computer.

Instruction for filling out the worksheet

  1. Fill out the form and email the completed form to:
  2. We will then make any necessary adjustments to the order, cost it out, and return the email to you.
  3. If everything is agreeable, print the worksheet, sign it, and return to Dining Services via campus mail.
  4. We are REQUIRING that we have a signed worksheet in our office BEFORE the event. This will help eliminate errors.

Need More Information?

I have listed below explanations of each blank cell to be filled in on the DELIVERY/LANGONE CENTER WORKSHEETS so you understand what information we require.

  1. Event Name: This should read the same as the title given to the scheduler for the room reservation.
  2. Day: Obviously – the day of the week.
  3. Date: Day/Month/Year - if you type 1/11 – the slash and year should fill in automatically.
  4. Location: Building and room number
  5. Setup Time:
    DELIVERY – We will have your event set up and ready to go 15 minutes before your event. We will enter this time unless you want your event set up and ready to go more than 15 minutes prior.
    LANGONE CENTER – Enter time the room is available for setup. If the room is scheduled for a meeting as well as a food setup, please indicate the event time as the time you would like the food to be served. In the event of multiple setups in the same location, please consult with the Dining Service Event Coordinator.
    NOTE: It is to your benefit to schedule a different room for breaks and meals. We are as quiet as possible when setting up in the same room as your event, but there is still an interruption.
  6. Event Time: Time event is to take place. In the event of multiple set-ups, please consult your Dining Service event coordinator
  7. 7. Cleanup Time:
    DELIVERY WORKSHEET - Time when Dining Service should come back to pick up supplies. Please keep in mind that we do not pick up any later than 7:30 pm. We will, however, pick up first thing the following morning. If we are required to pickup after 7:30 pm, there is an additional charge.
    LANGONE CENTER WORKSHEET – Ending time of event.
  8. Date Prepared: Date worksheet is sent to Dining Service.
  9. Prepared By: Your initials
  10. Dept Name: Department to be charged
  11. Guest Count: Number of guests expected
  12. Service Type: Delivery Set-Up, Delivery Drop-Off, or Pick-Up
  13. Contact Person: Your name
  14. Phone: Your phone number
  15. Department: Department of contact person
  16. Account Number: Account number to be charged to
  17. Quantity: This should only be filled out with a number. i.e. for 2 dz. Cookies - put 2 in the quantity column and dz. Cookies in the Description column
  18. Description: Description of your order. i.e. same as above, or if ordering a breakfast, lunch, or dinner,
    please indicate by typing BUFFET BREAKFAST, BUFFET LUNCH, etc.
  19. Service Type: Please indicate paper, plastic or china. If this box is not checked, we will assume that you want paper.
    NOTE: We will fill out the supplies necessary for your event.
    The only difference in the two worksheets is Service Type – the Langone Center Worksheets requires that you fill in with: Buffet Breakfast, Buffet Lunch, Served Dinner, Reception, Meeting, etc.

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