Am I required to use the Concur Electronic Expense Reimbursement Process to request reimbursement or can I still use the manual (paper) reimbursement process?

Concur has been rolled out to business units in phases. Currently, all administrative offices have been implemented and you are therefore required to use Concur. Failure to use Concur could result in significant delays in getting reimbursed.

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I made travel card charges I don't see in Concur, what should I do?

You should wait for Concur to load the travel card charges. This typically takes five to seven days after the transaction occurred. Your travel card charges must be imported into expense reports. If they are not yet in Concur, you cannot manually add them or you will be creating duplicate expenses.

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How will I be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses?

Reimbursements due to the employee will be processed through accounts payable and either be paid by check or deposited into the same account established for direct deposit for accounts payable. Approved charges on travel cards will be paid by Bucknell directly to JP Morgan Chase.

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How often should I complete an expense report?

Bucknell pays for each expense report submitted. Staff are encouraged to consolidate expenses while ensuring that travel card expenses are submitted and approved within 15 days of posting to the travel card. If you are reconciling non-travel expenses, we ask that you combine into one monthly report, when possible. Ideally, this report should be submitted by the 21st of each month. Whenever possible, please do not submit an expense report with a single transaction.

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How are receipts attached?

Concur allows users to either scan and attach receipts to the online expense report or to upload receipt images through the Concur Mobile App (available for Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices). If you want to use the Mobile App, you must first create a PIN within your Profile. You can also take a picture or upload the image and email to receipts@concur.com using the email address confirmed in your profile. This will place the image in your receipt store.

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What is a detailed receipt?

Detailed receipts are those that show the details adding to the total. This is common in restaurants when you use a credit card, you often receive a detailed receipt but the receipt you are asked to sign is summary only. In this case, all of the information relating to meal details is needed. You can take a picture of the receipts side by side or write the total on the detailed receipt. In some cases, you may need to ask for a copy of the detailed receipt.

Receipt screen shot

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What if I can't find a receipt for a transaction over $25?

If you have a transaction that requires a receipt but you cannot locate it, you should call the vendor to see if they can provide you with a copy. If not, you can complete the missing Receipt Affidavit within the Concur tool. When completing your expense report, click on the specific transaction and click Attach Receipt. Then click the here link to access the missing Receipt Affidavit.


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Can I throw away original receipts?

The best practices is to keep your original receipts until the report is processed completely and then you may dispose of them. This allows you to have reference to them in case the image quality is poor and questions arise.

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How do I itemize hotel expenses?

Using the hotel receipt, you will enter the nightly rate and any applicable taxes first, then any recurring nightly charges. 

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Where do I put charges for parking, taxi, and tolls?

Charges of this type should be put within the expense type "Other Transportation." If those charges incurred on a travel card, they will be imported. If they were out-of-pocket expenses, add a New Expense and select the Expense Type "Other Transportation." It is helpful to have a comment with this expense type since a variety of different expense could fall under this type.

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I registered for a conference that I am attending three months from now, do I need to complete an expense report now for the registration fee?

Yes, however this is not a travel expense that needs to be processed within 14 days since travel did not occur yet. If possible, you should wait for another expense to avoid having a single transaction expense report. If this charge is the only one you will have for several weeks, then go ahead and reconcile it. When completing the expense report, indicate the dates you are going to travel for this conference even though they are in the future.

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How long does it take to get reimbursed for my out-of-pocket expenses and personal car mileage after I've completed and submitted my Concur expense report?

Once you have submitted your report, the next step is for your supervisor to perform the online approval. If your report is approved, the payment processing begins. You will receive emails as this process is carried out. A good estimate is four days after your supervisor approves your report.

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Can I use Concur to book travel?

Yes, Concur is a travel and expense tool.  Click on the travel tab and begin using the system to book your business travel.  All travel arrangements completed in Concur are fulfilled by Anthony Travel.

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Can I use Concur to book personal travel?

No, the Concur travel tool is for business travel only.  If family members are accompanying you on business travel, please feel free to contact Anthony Travel for assistance with their travel arrangements.

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Who is Anthony Travel?

Servicing Bucknell University since July 2012, Anthony Travel is a leader in university and sports travel management.  Their services include an on-site travel agent to assist with the more complex travel needs of the University. All of the services provided by Anthony Travel fully integrate with Concur and incorporate the Bucknell travel policy.

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